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No Peeping by leadhooves

Now, i won't be rating it, cause i find the rate system silly. I have worked on a few of your pictures, so i usually check out each part in great detail, so onto what can be helpfull for you, as this is basically my opnionion of your work.

The additional fluff of her coat is something i really like, and your giant eyes style i really enjoy too, now here the only real problems s her mane, in one part is really squished, and suddenly poofy with the hook being oddly shaped, now pinkies mane is split into 4 parts, the lure that i just described, the puff with the two lines, i need to give this a name that fits, the bouncy part of her pony mane tail, and the tail of her mane.
The first part i've described what could be better, the second part seems too squshied by the third part, and the third part really has nothing wrong with it, but the last part, the tail is where another issue occurs, here it looks like she is still in motion, or the mane is, dragging it away at a downward angle. When you give her more poof, you make the mane more stretched out, looking like it's squished up, or too short.

I do remember when vectoring your picture that i usually have a problem with the nose mouth, but that's mainly due to linethickness on my part, but here mouth seems 'wider' here, but like with most things, including the parts of her mane, most of it has been part of your style.

But like always you making amazing pictures, and i love them all. But i do wanna see a poffy mane without it being squished at certain parts :3

God dammit, i need to do a rating,

meh, it might not be completly fair, but lets have it like this so your ego can swell, so you wanna draw more ponke, thus more ponke poi for me too enjoy.
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